• The Battle of Lake Champlain

September 11, 1814

Key Facts:
  • external image Platts.jpgThe battle took place on September 11, 1814
  • It is also known as the Battle of Plattsburgh
  • The battle took place at Lake Champlain

Key Players:
  • Lietuanent General Sir. George Prevost: Leader of British army
  • General Wellington: Leader in British army
  • George Downie: British commander
  • Macdonough: Leader of American army

  • British plan to sieze more american territory
  • The American's have U.S.S. Saratoga and Eagle as their strongest ships, as well as a volunteer army
  • The British have the Confiance as their strongest ship, and 10,000 experienced soldiers
  • British estaglish strong prescence on Lake Champlain

Events Leading up to War:
  • The 1807 American Embargo act against British resulted in an increase of tensions
  • Napoleon was defeated by General Wellington's troops
  • The American and British were in a highly competitive shipbuilding race fexternal image battlelakechamplain.jpgor months leading up to battle

The Battle:
  • British commander George Downie was pummeled by a twenty pound cannonball fifteen minutes into battle
  • Macdonough leads the american troops

  • Macdonough pulls american troops together, surprisingly succesful
  • British surrender
  • Marks the end of the War of 1812

  • This battle proved that Britain no longer held the world's most powerful navy
  • The american's won one of the most important battles of the war
  • also where the term "don't give up the ship" was coined

  • Lake Champlain remains a tourism hot spot
  • Fort Ticonderoga remains as a popular tourist attraction
  • Attractions consist of the lake, Olympics, and others as well

Historical Landmarks/monuments:
  • There are several Historical landmarks on this site, for example
    Macdonough Victory Monument in Plattsburgh
    Macdonough Victory Monument in Plattsburgh
  • Macdonough Monument
    Captain George Downie's grave
    Saratoga Pilot Joseph Barron's grave
    Lt. Peter Gamble's grave
    Marker at Ft. Brown
    Kent-Delord House, headquarters of the British army during the Battle of Plattsburgh American Army headquarters, Battle of Plattsburgh
    Entrance to Riverside cemetery, burial place of Capt. Downey and others killed in naval battle at Cumberland Bay
    of naval battle dead, large grave in center is that of Capt. Downey, commander of HMS Confiance
    Marker at Charles Dunham house, site of British hospital in downtown Plattsburgh
    Marker at bridge on Saranac River, scene of land battle
    Crab Island Monument

Map detailing Battle

external image faden_map.jpg

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